Thanksgiving 2010

We flew to my Grandpa Ron’s in Tennessee for Thanksgiving this year. I always love visiting them, it’s always lots of laughs, good, healthy food and relaxation. We had tons of fun. My parents and all my brothers and sisters were there as well, which always means a crowd and unending help with Jude, which is a vacation in and of itself. We had the usual good food (from my grandma Angelita’s garden, of course) pies, turkey, sparkling cider, potatoes, stuffing, and ate without abandon. Ahhhh, Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner (minus my main man as he was taking the picture)


a little sweet potatoe pie


the "littles" sam, sara, wyatt



these two are great pals!

A Thanksgiving to remember!


First Haircut

Just yesterday I broke down and got J his first haircut at Salon Prodigy in Lakewood. His little hairs were a bit scraggly on top, some getting in his eyes and he was always batting at the cute, wonderful, flipped out hair around his sweet little ears. So, for his sake, we cut it. Dad is gone on a ‘man adventure’ this weekend at Olympic National Park so he wasn’t able to be there. The only picture I have is this one I got with my iPhone. Luckily, because I came all prepared to take nice pics with Mr. Nikon but wouldn’t you know it, the battery was dead (thanks D! :D). So, I proceeded to get out the spare, because I even thought to bring it…just in case. Well, well, well. That one proved to be completely drained as well. oy ve! Hopefully writing about this will help me remember more than pictures. We had Beth (who cuts my hair) but unfortunately she had some scheduling mix-ups, so we had to wait for an hour! not fun! But J was a trooper nonetheless. When we finally got to our turn, there were no tears, no struggles after the initial ‘tickle’ of the razor. J kept hunching his shoulders at the feel of it on his neck. So cute. I love this picture of us. I just love the way we look together. My little j. He did so well and now looks like a ‘real’ boy! I only got sad today when I went to run my hand through his hair like I always do and my hand came up short. No pun intended. I am excited for it to grow out a bit and more of a style to emerge. Overall: success!


Sitting in the chair together--last picture with baby hair!


Catching Up

I’ve got a lot of catching up posting to do that involves a birthday party, fair, photos, and learning some css/html to make give my blog a much-needed makeover, all while editing a little photo session D and I did for some friends engagement. Looking forward to revealing all when finished.
P.S. J is cracking us up lately with his little conversations he likes to have with us. Pointing, exclaiming, wondering. Oh how fun!

Fall Evenings

What a great fall evening we just had. D came home from work and we had a little picnic BBQ with burgers, corn on the cob, baked beans. Deck lights on, fire a-blazin’, s’mores a-rostin’, a cute little man in a camping chair. And even a little late night treat just for me and D. Life is good.

Bad mommy!

I have been so so bad about keeping up with this thing! We have just been so busy doing things around the house mainly getting ready for J’s birthday party which I will confess right now…D and I are both to blame for taking horrible/non-existent pictures of. My only excuse is that I was running around being a hostess while D was a little hostess himself and who did we have taking pictures??? Not the photographer of the family (a.k.a. D) but me. While running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Yes. But that will be blogged ere shortly! And I’m so excited to share. Hopefully words can make up for the lack of visual. I spent months planning, creating, and dreaming for his first birthday party without time for much else so I have been enjoying the down time after his party (has it been a week already?!) and enjoying being a mom to a (gasp!) one year old! Is that considered a toddler? I hope not. I’m not ready for one of those yet. It’s been warm the past two days and it has been so nice to enjoy sitting out on our deck playing, or reading to little J and catching up on emails and blogs. I am also taking a class called Home Ec by a few crafty ladies on the internet. It officially started last month but I had zero extra time to devote to anything other than party planning/creating as I have limited “free” time as it is. You know, being a mom/wife and all. :) Anyway, it is basically a sewing class for ultimate beginners (Me! Me! Me!). I’ve gotten two projects done and it is really turning out great! And I’ve already learned quite a few things! I will promptly be giving my projects away to my siblings and mom as I know they will enjoy them so much more. I plan on getting pics up on here for that very soon! Oh! and I almost forgot! Tomorrow is fair for us! Yay!

A full night of sleep

Last night was a milestone for my little mister. He slept through the night! I know that seems like something that should have already happened, but it didn’t. Until now. Wouldn’t you know it though, I didn’t even fall asleep until around midnight because I was tossing and turning. But as they say, such is life! I keep the baby monitor right beside my head on my nightstand and I heard him talking to himself and looked at the time and it was 7:52 AM! I was so excited, I jumped out of bed and went to go get him. What a sweet little thing, I missed him all night long! Here’s to hoping it happens again tonight! hehe.

Today we also had another first. Our friend Noah had his first birthday party and we were invited to celebrate. It was fun, the typical party with cake in the face, party hats and all. J had a great time playing with his little play kitchen he got for his birthday. He just kept opening and closing all the little compartments and then opening and putting things inside and then closing it again. He sat there and played for the longest time, which was so incredibly sweet. I think we might have to put Dad to work at building one for J. A little wood one with little tiny hinges and a painted burner. And some felt food to go with it. Sounds perfect.

Speaking of first birthday parties…D and I have been hard at work planning, preparing, and creating for our own little one’s party coming up. Lucky for him he gets his party on the same day of his birth. I just can’t believe it. It is coming so very soon.


I just wrote a really great post. And wordpress crashed. so thank you wordpress. thanks. thanks again.

The Fabulous Life Of…

[narrated by the Fabulous Life of… guy on E!] The Fabulous life of…Jude!

8:30 AM J wakes up, then wakes mom up by climbing all over her hitting her face trying to get her to roll back over to face him. He has no idea why she’s tired.

8:15 AM If his mom is lucky, they both go out for a light jog with B.O.B (and if Logan’s being particularly good, he gets to join).

9:00 AM Breakfast! Usually a green smoothie or oatmeal with banana. Then they feed Logan and take him outside to do his business.

9:45 AM Wiggles! This is usually the time when Jude is placed in his excersaucer and enjoys 45 minutes of his favorite TV show. In the meantime, mom is usually enjoying 45 minutes of uninterrupted shower and makeup time a light cleaning of the house may follow.

10:00 AM Jude gets dressed and playtime happens, this is also when the house gets trashed filled with toys again.

11:15 AM Morning nap! Jude is usually extremely tired at this point so off to bed they go…a little tiny milk and we’re good as…well…asleep.

2 hours later…

1:30 PM Jude is awake and crying for his mom in his bed. Mom goes to get him and is seemingly much happier after her 2 hours break where she most likely cleaned the house again. Dishes, laundry, toy pick up…you get the idea.

1:35PM Lunch time! Mom prepares J a nice organic lunch usually consisting of steamed veggies of some sort edamame, carrots, peas, etc. with some brown rice or quinoa. Or maybe even leftovers from the night before. J is a very good eater and doesn’t eat ‘baby food’ anymore.

1:50PM After a quick diaper change, and if the weather is cooperating, Jude, his mom and Logan go outside to play. Play includes throwing various balls, toys, pinecones, etc. that Logan brings to them. They hang out on the deck, or put a blanket out in the yard or mom may pick weeds out of the gravel and flower beds while Jude crawls around picking up dirt, grass blades (which he then proceeds to put in his mouth), rocks (which he doesn’t put in his mouth but does bang them together to make sounds music).

3:30PM Mr. J is quite ready for his second nap of the day. “Two naps?” One might ask. To which his mother will reply, “Two naps!” Mr. Jude needs his naps as he gets very tired and is a much happier Mr. with them.

4:45PM J wakes up from his second nap and once again both mom and baby are happy to be reunited.

5:00PM Dinner time…Mom is now preparing dinner. Organic of course.

5:30/6:00PM We end up finally eating dinner with or without Dad depending on his work schedule.

7:00PM J gets a bath. The best part of the day! He gets to play with his tugboat and duck that quacks when it touches water. He doesn’t have any other bath toys (shhhh…he’s getting some for his birthday). He would play for hours if his Mom let him. She doesn’t.

7:30 PM J gets dried, dressed, lotioned and teeth brushed. Then they head back out to the living room where a little more playing resumes. Mom may sometimes indulge in an adult (not that kind of ‘adult movie’! Get your mind out of the gutter!) movie/show while simultaneously playing. Hey, sometimes hangin out with a baby all day leaves her needing a little entertainment that doesn’t involve diapers or Wiggles.

9:00PM Bed time! Some may think this is a late bed time but J has two naps during the day and is usually wide awake until this time. His mom says she would rather he take two naps and go to sleep later at night. It just works.

10:30-11:00PM Mom’s bed time…which means J wakes up between 11:00PM and 12:00AM and gets in bed with her and Dad and indulges in tiny milk of course. He usually takes advantage of tiny milk several times during the night, making Mother miserably tired in the morning… :)

FYI: This is just an average account of our day to day lives. Not included are random snacking, tiny milk, etc. temper tantrums, trips to the store, trips just to keep baby happy, Dad’s road schedule that changes every 3 months, and Logan’s trips to the bathroom.


So it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to blog anything and the my excuse is my new fully mobile little man. I think I mentioned that while on J’s and my trip to my parent’s in OK he learned to crawl as well as semi-stand for about thirty seconds off of furniture with the help of all the other “kids” there that he, undoubtedly, was trying to impress. Anyway, he is now into everything. everything. He no longer enjoys his excersaucer and in fact he doesn’t like being contained in anything…and that includes his bed. As soon as we put him down he sits right up and starts crying and will climb up the edge and cry, cry, cry until his mom feel so bad and goes in and comforts him. Oh boy! I know I’m being played a fool but I tell ya…he’s good! Also, just a mere four days ago, he started waving. Oh how it melts my heart too. I think every parent waves with there children but I thought I was doing a bad job of practicing waving for a while there because I had read that you are ‘supposed’ to do it at the store, every time you leave, blah, blah, blah. We only waved bye to dad when he left for work and waved ‘night night’ to Logan or dad when going down to sleep. Well one day D had the day off and went to get J up from his nap and he comes out and sees me (I had been sleeping in in the other room so he hadn’t seen me in about 5 hours or so hehe) and his little hand moves in a wave motion and I squealed “He’s waving!!!” D didn’t think so though. But the very next day as we were waving ‘bye bye’ to Dad, he waves again and this time it was a full-on wave. It was so exciting. In fact it still is to me :) We go to the store and he waves at everybody but he gets gun shy and does it after they’ve stopped looking. So sweet! We can get him to do it anytime at home though. Well, J is sleeping in right now, we stayed up a bit late last night enjoying a rare family movie night. It is now 10:00am on the dot. J usually gets up about 5:30-6am. This is heaven.


First Flight

Today J had his first flight! We are visiting my family (except for my Dad because he is away at a school for work). It was a bit bumpy at first. Not the flight :) I’ll admit I cried a little the first flight mind you it was a four -almost five- hour flight. I got a middle seat in the middle of the cabin next to two older gentlemen. Well at least one of then was a gentleman the other was quite grumpy. But J really was mostly very good, he only screamed about four short bursts and then was just really squirmy the whole time. The gentleman that occupied the window seat next to me was so sweet offering to hold j if I wanted to use the restroom and made very pleasant conversation and handled J’s curious pokes, stares and screams extremely well telling me not to “dare be sorry” when I said it about a million times. The aisle occupant however was a whole different story. Many sighs and plugging of the ears. He did end up falling asleep for awhile (j not the annoyed gentleman). After the flight was over the annoyed gentleman’s wife told me how adorable J was and I overheard her say “see? That wasn’t so bad!” It made me feel a bit better but also thinking it may have been a cover up for get husbands rude behavior. Right now we are on our final connection to the Oklahoma City Airport and so far so good J was all excited and laughing and playing but before the plane even took off he was nursing and fast asleep and is still sleeping in my arms as I one handedly type this :) Oh how sweet my sleeping little boy is. I don’t have any pictures because I was so worried about remembering everything to bring for J that I didn’t remember to bring a camera with me… ugh. Oh well, hopefully my mom will let me use hers while I visit. But we do have a little memorabilia for J! I wanted something to commemorate not only J’s flight but also his first Fourth of July but I felt guilty because since D is working the holiday and I’m flying we didn’t plan anything to celebrate. Anyway, a sweet woman stopped us before our gate and gave J a Teddy bear pilot complete with a leather bomber jacket, scarf and matching goggles :) so cute! Well I’m going rest my weary typing thumb here and call it a day!

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