History. We learn from it, we mourn it, we rejoice in it.

Last night, it was announced that Osama Bin Laden was killed by Americans. This is what we have wanted for almost 10 years. This is what we have fought for, died for for just as long. So, why does my heart feel so heavy? I wonder if it’s because my husband is in the midst of it all, or if it is just the unknown and confusion of what this means and what it may bring. Already worried about retaliation, this can’t be the end. I never thought I would have any personal weight in this war. I never thought 10 years ago sitting in my seventh grade classroom, that I would someday endure a huge sacrifice for this ‘war on terrorism’. Now, while everyone around the world seems to be rejoicing, I can’t help but be terror-stricken myself. What will happen to my husband? I don’t feel very patriotic, and I don’t feel cut out for the military life. I don’t want to sacrifice my family or my husband for this cause. Whether that makes me good,bad, selfish, I don’t know.


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