Working On A Little Birthday Magic!

So, for D’s birthday coming up soon, as in the end of this month, I have been working on a little magic to help him celebrate. The first being…this blog. He’s always been the one telling me to start one. So I will be promptly presenting this to him most likely in email form so that he can click on the link and enjoy all the goodness that should ensue. The other thing I did today was bake him a “cake in a jar” to send, along with some frosting and a whoopie cushion. Yes, I’m sending him a whoopie cushion for his birthday. I don’t know, it sounded good. To be honest, he wants an iPad 2. Buuuut, Dave Ramsey suggests otherwise. If you know what I mean. So, I settled on some goodies and a cake in a jar. Oh and a rockin’ birthday card. I always make my own, and they’re always interesting to say the least but it’s made full of love. You know when your in the cool kids club when you get one of those! So here’s a little sneak peak at some magic in the making:

That was my attempt at a ‘man’ card! Ha!

I figured a box cake would be best since it already has a million preservatives that if I messed up the seal on the jar, it will still be preserved until it reaches destination??? Let’s hope! I can’t wait to dress those bad boys up and send ’em off! D will love it! I’m obviously including frosting, a fork, and candles!

Note: If it’s not obvious enough…my only camera right now is my iPhone. Our Nikon’s bit the dust. Dave won’t let me buy a new one. I did buy an app for a ‘better’ camera on the iPhone, but I’m afraid I wasted ninety-nine cents.


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