How Blessed We Are

So, we were practicing for the Easter dash. Gotta get ’em started young!

Okay, not really. J just likes to put his chalk in his bucket and carry it around with him everywhere.

Today was beautiful! Full of fun in the sun…kind of. The sun sort of blipped in and out all day, but it was welcomed with open arms and smiles around here. We’ve been cooped up far too long! Today I thought a lot about how blessed I really am. I tend to complain, kind of a lot. Never really out loud, (although, I’m sure D could argue that!) but inside I say things to myself like, “wouldn’t you know it?!” or “figures!” every time something frustrating happens. Like the other morning when I spilled my morning cereal all over the carpet, or a couple weeks ago when Logan decided to throw up randomly on the living room floor, or like today, when I forgot to use my coupons at the grocery store, and realized as I was walking OUT of the store. No way was I going back in there! In all reality, I am so beyond blessed to have a husband who loves me and lets me stay home with my other blessing, Jude, a beautiful home, a yard to play in, a garden to grow, friends who care, family who care even more, money to buy groceries with every month, a brand new car, and more than I probably ever deserve! I really needed to step back today and realize, it could be so much worse! The whole budget fiasco/government shut-down in combination with Obama being a not-so-hot President, and worrying about the future has really gotten me into a huge fit the last couple of weeks. I realized today how much that was taking away from the beauty of life and truly enjoying the here and now. I need to stop worrying and complaining and plain being mad at everything out there that I can’t control because they are not going to be things I want to remember ten years from now. I want to remember the fun Jude and I had outside today. I want to remember our first-ever veggie garden that we are starting. I want to remember the book I read on the porch this morning. And I want to remember the middle of the night phone call I get from my husband, while he is away. So, here’s to a much more positive outlook than I’ve had the past few weeks! :)

D called at about 1:30 in the morning, and although I was groggy and weirdly giggling the whole time, it was great! :D Love you babe!


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