Christmas Pictures

This year we got lucky! The tail end of November we had a snowstorm and on the third day of non-stop-huge-snowflake snowing, we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot in our backyard. Things didn’t go quite as planned, even though, ‘plan’, we did. I got Jude snuggled up in multiple layers while simultaneously dressing and make-up-ing while D ran outside and set up the tripod and camera, perfecting the angle and focus and such. We got outside and all set up when exactly two minutes later, J decides that he had had enough. And displayed his disdain for the whole idea quite…loudly. So, we decided to run back inside warm up for about ten minutes and then try again. The second time wasn’t any more successful. Can you blame the boy though? I mean his parents are forcing a photo shoot in single degree weather. Cold! No, actually, freezing. We got about two good pictures. Not very successful, but then D and I went back outside when the little snowball went to sleep for his afternoon nap and had our own fun little photo shoot together. Here are the precious outtakes, our “real” Christmas picture to come in a near-future post.


By this time we were just starting to turn crazy from the extreme weather


Although our impromptu planning didn’t actually go quite as ‘planned’ I know we’ll cherish these imperfect moments for years to come (oh, and don’t even worry, we totally photoshopped that darn ugly fence out of our “real” Christmas picture).


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