First Haircut

Just yesterday I broke down and got J his first haircut at Salon Prodigy in Lakewood. His little hairs were a bit scraggly on top, some getting in his eyes and he was always batting at the cute, wonderful, flipped out hair around his sweet little ears. So, for his sake, we cut it. Dad is gone on a ‘man adventure’ this weekend at Olympic National Park so he wasn’t able to be there. The only picture I have is this one I got with my iPhone. Luckily, because I came all prepared to take nice pics with Mr. Nikon but wouldn’t you know it, the battery was dead (thanks D! :D). So, I proceeded to get out the spare, because I even thought to bring it…just in case. Well, well, well. That one proved to be completely drained as well. oy ve! Hopefully writing about this will help me remember more than pictures. We had Beth (who cuts my hair) but unfortunately she had some scheduling mix-ups, so we had to wait for an hour! not fun! But J was a trooper nonetheless. When we finally got to our turn, there were no tears, no struggles after the initial ‘tickle’ of the razor. J kept hunching his shoulders at the feel of it on his neck. So cute. I love this picture of us. I just love the way we look together. My little j. He did so well and now looks like a ‘real’ boy! I only got sad today when I went to run my hand through his hair like I always do and my hand came up short. No pun intended. I am excited for it to grow out a bit and more of a style to emerge. Overall: success!


Sitting in the chair together--last picture with baby hair!



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