Bad mommy!

I have been so so bad about keeping up with this thing! We have just been so busy doing things around the house mainly getting ready for J’s birthday party which I will confess right now…D and I are both to blame for taking horrible/non-existent pictures of. My only excuse is that I was running around being a hostess while D was a little hostess himself and who did we have taking pictures??? Not the photographer of the family (a.k.a. D) but me. While running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Yes. But that will be blogged ere shortly! And I’m so excited to share. Hopefully words can make up for the lack of visual. I spent months planning, creating, and dreaming for his first birthday party without time for much else so I have been enjoying the down time after his party (has it been a week already?!) and enjoying being a mom to a (gasp!) one year old! Is that considered a toddler? I hope not. I’m not ready for one of those yet. It’s been warm the past two days and it has been so nice to enjoy sitting out on our deck playing, or reading to little J and catching up on emails and blogs. I am also taking a class called Home Ec by a few crafty ladies on the internet. It officially started last month but I had zero extra time to devote to anything other than party planning/creating as I have limited “free” time as it is. You know, being a mom/wife and all. :) Anyway, it is basically a sewing class for ultimate beginners (Me! Me! Me!). I’ve gotten two projects done and it is really turning out great! And I’ve already learned quite a few things! I will promptly be giving my projects away to my siblings and mom as I know they will enjoy them so much more. I plan on getting pics up on here for that very soon! Oh! and I almost forgot! Tomorrow is fair for us! Yay!


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