The Fabulous Life Of…

[narrated by the Fabulous Life of… guy on E!] The Fabulous life of…Jude!

8:30 AM J wakes up, then wakes mom up by climbing all over her hitting her face trying to get her to roll back over to face him. He has no idea why she’s tired.

8:15 AM If his mom is lucky, they both go out for a light jog with B.O.B (and if Logan’s being particularly good, he gets to join).

9:00 AM Breakfast! Usually a green smoothie or oatmeal with banana. Then they feed Logan and take him outside to do his business.

9:45 AM Wiggles! This is usually the time when Jude is placed in his excersaucer and enjoys 45 minutes of his favorite TV show. In the meantime, mom is usually enjoying 45 minutes of uninterrupted shower and makeup time a light cleaning of the house may follow.

10:00 AM Jude gets dressed and playtime happens, this is also when the house gets trashed filled with toys again.

11:15 AM Morning nap! Jude is usually extremely tired at this point so off to bed they go…a little tiny milk and we’re good as…well…asleep.

2 hours later…

1:30 PM Jude is awake and crying for his mom in his bed. Mom goes to get him and is seemingly much happier after her 2 hours break where she most likely cleaned the house again. Dishes, laundry, toy pick up…you get the idea.

1:35PM Lunch time! Mom prepares J a nice organic lunch usually consisting of steamed veggies of some sort edamame, carrots, peas, etc. with some brown rice or quinoa. Or maybe even leftovers from the night before. J is a very good eater and doesn’t eat ‘baby food’ anymore.

1:50PM After a quick diaper change, and if the weather is cooperating, Jude, his mom and Logan go outside to play. Play includes throwing various balls, toys, pinecones, etc. that Logan brings to them. They hang out on the deck, or put a blanket out in the yard or mom may pick weeds out of the gravel and flower beds while Jude crawls around picking up dirt, grass blades (which he then proceeds to put in his mouth), rocks (which he doesn’t put in his mouth but does bang them together to make sounds music).

3:30PM Mr. J is quite ready for his second nap of the day. “Two naps?” One might ask. To which his mother will reply, “Two naps!” Mr. Jude needs his naps as he gets very tired and is a much happier Mr. with them.

4:45PM J wakes up from his second nap and once again both mom and baby are happy to be reunited.

5:00PM Dinner time…Mom is now preparing dinner. Organic of course.

5:30/6:00PM We end up finally eating dinner with or without Dad depending on his work schedule.

7:00PM J gets a bath. The best part of the day! He gets to play with his tugboat and duck that quacks when it touches water. He doesn’t have any other bath toys (shhhh…he’s getting some for his birthday). He would play for hours if his Mom let him. She doesn’t.

7:30 PM J gets dried, dressed, lotioned and teeth brushed. Then they head back out to the living room where a little more playing resumes. Mom may sometimes indulge in an adult (not that kind of ‘adult movie’! Get your mind out of the gutter!) movie/show while simultaneously playing. Hey, sometimes hangin out with a baby all day leaves her needing a little entertainment that doesn’t involve diapers or Wiggles.

9:00PM Bed time! Some may think this is a late bed time but J has two naps during the day and is usually wide awake until this time. His mom says she would rather he take two naps and go to sleep later at night. It just works.

10:30-11:00PM Mom’s bed time…which means J wakes up between 11:00PM and 12:00AM and gets in bed with her and Dad and indulges in tiny milk of course. He usually takes advantage of tiny milk several times during the night, making Mother miserably tired in the morning… :)

FYI: This is just an average account of our day to day lives. Not included are random snacking, tiny milk, etc. temper tantrums, trips to the store, trips just to keep baby happy, Dad’s road schedule that changes every 3 months, and Logan’s trips to the bathroom.


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