So it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to blog anything and the my excuse is my new fully mobile little man. I think I mentioned that while on J’s and my trip to my parent’s in OK he learned to crawl as well as semi-stand for about thirty seconds off of furniture with the help of all the other “kids” there that he, undoubtedly, was trying to impress. Anyway, he is now into everything. everything. He no longer enjoys his excersaucer and in fact he doesn’t like being contained in anything…and that includes his bed. As soon as we put him down he sits right up and starts crying and will climb up the edge and cry, cry, cry until his mom feel so bad and goes in and comforts him. Oh boy! I know I’m being played a fool but I tell ya…he’s good! Also, just a mere four days ago, he started waving. Oh how it melts my heart too. I think every parent waves with there children but I thought I was doing a bad job of practicing waving for a while there because I had read that you are ‘supposed’ to do it at the store, every time you leave, blah, blah, blah. We only waved bye to dad when he left for work and waved ‘night night’ to Logan or dad when going down to sleep. Well one day D had the day off and went to get J up from his nap and he comes out and sees me (I had been sleeping in in the other room so he hadn’t seen me in about 5 hours or so hehe) and his little hand moves in a wave motion and I squealed “He’s waving!!!” D didn’t think so though. But the very next day as we were waving ‘bye bye’ to Dad, he waves again and this time it was a full-on wave. It was so exciting. In fact it still is to me :) We go to the store and he waves at everybody but he gets gun shy and does it after they’ve stopped looking. So sweet! We can get him to do it anytime at home though. Well, J is sleeping in right now, we stayed up a bit late last night enjoying a rare family movie night. It is now 10:00am on the dot. J usually gets up about 5:30-6am. This is heaven.


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