Naptime Decor 

I love design. My love for it came at the wrong time in my life, however as I’m already almost finished with school, where I have changed my major once already so now I have half of schooling in criminal justice and half in liberal arts. Lucky for me that equals almost one degree! (hopefully finishing this fall) :) Anyway, if I could do it over, I would go to school for graphic design and interior design. I really think kids need time to think about what they want to do, and be exposed to different things before settling and paying mega bucks for a degree they may never use and/or like. With the exception of my mom who was always sewing and crafting and my aunt who taught me how to make jewelry out of beads I was never really exposed to any kind of “design-related” until my freshman year of college where my roommate Kortney was/is an interior design major. Actually she’s graduated now so I guess that officially makes her an interior designer. I was always so interested in her homework, peering over her shoulder at our desks in our very small bedroom and watching her paint in our super tiny living room while we watched a dvd we had probably already seen a million times. Anyway, I am now addicted to design sponge, polyvore, apartment therapy, and countless more design related websites, blogs, books, paint swatches, ikea, fabric, etc., etc., etc. I even have my own sketchbook of my own ideas for our home, which leads me into what I wanted to talk about in the first place…Decorating our home! We just bought our second home on April 30th. We were previously living on Post (Ft. Lewis) and just didn’t jive with the area or our crackerbox of a house. Plus, we were basically renting. Now we have taken advantage of the real estate crisis and our BAH and found an amazing community that we love and a home we are starting to totally redo. The house is great in and of itself the couple that owned it is a very sweet older couple in their 70’s who lived 30 years in Alaska (my birth/home state!). I figured that out easily by the wonderful Barbara Lavallee that covered the walls as well as totemic design art and whale bone and walrus tusk art! All of which I love! Only a true Alaskan would appreciate Barbara Lavallee and display her loud and proud. They were pretty minimal with decorating other than all of that art basically I guess what I am trying to get at is the walls were and still pretty much are white white white. Everything is white. Well, actually it’s more of an offwhite but, you get the picture. I am so excited to finally put all of my ideas to life! We went to Home Depot a few times so I could collect handfuls of paint swatches and I spent hours on Polyvore (which is a site where you can create mood boards and sets all online) creating my mood boards, and mock ups of various rooms in our house. D and I finally and quite agreeably actually, decided on a color for our living room, and another for our kitchen which is all open and will be the main mood for the entire house. I’m so excited! Another thing I am really excited about is that I never really got to create a nursery for J. I did but it wasn’t really at all what I wanted for him not just because of where we lived but because I procrastinated a lot while I was pregnant thinking I had tons of time and just kind of la di da-ed my way through the last 5 months of my pregnancy when I could have been decorating but I just wasn’t that happy with the space either so the motivation was lacking (not to mention I was nauseous the entire 9 months…no joke). Plus it was a hot summer, who wants to stay inside when you can drive to Astoria a bazillion times to visit friends and fam and the beach!? Okay, okay. So Anyway, I have some amazingly wonderful plans that I am so excited for and I absolutely can’t wait until we get our tax rebate so I can go crazy!

P.S. Today I went to get J up from his nap and he was sitting up! Holy cow, this kid is growing like crazy! He has been babbling, trying out new sounds for the last few weeks. He hasn’t exactly mastered crawling yet but has been able to get himself up on all fours and “shuffle” at least that’s what I call it where he takes two “crawls” and then gives up by flattening out on his tummy. He does get around quite efficiently with his arms sliding himself all over the carpet!He also gets up on furniture to his knees trying to stand:) I love him so much! Everyday I love him more and more!


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