What is a blog?

It seems everyone has a blog these days. My Google Reader is full of blogs of people I don’t even know, nor do I ever plan on meeting. I read hundreds of posts every month and I think what I love most about them is how these people can fully capture their lives in pictures and words, like a new age scrapbook that the whole world can look at if they want to.  I don’t necessarily want the whole world to read MY “scrapbook” but I do want to share my life and adventures with the people I love. Blogging is so mainstream now that advertisers have caught on to the blogging bug and people are making money off of it. People will make money off of anything. I never thought I would blog because really, I think the innocence is gone. I think blogging innocently started as a means to journal great life moments and/or share them with others. Maybe I’m wrong. Who knows? I just read recently a blog about a lady who started a blog just so she could record a year’s worth of events and memories and then had her personal blog published in book form using a company who does just that. I thought that was the coolest thing. But I’ve always loved writing, I’m a chronic list-maker with lists, short and long, all over the house and growing up I used to write stories in notebooks. I always had a journal growing up as well, but they were a lot like a reality T.V. show, very exaggerated, dramatized accounts of certain events in my life. I think it was a way for me to control my adolescent fits. You know, the usual, “I hate my parents, they grounded me for a WHOLE YEAR!” Hahahaha! But it really was helpful, after writing hateful thoughts I always felt amazingly better. I would even look back the next day and laugh at myself and then realize how great my parents actually were. Even if my Dad didn’t let me go to my ninth grade dance…how embarrassing!! :D

With my new role as “Mom” life is just so different in so many ways and I want to capture everything my son does and never forget it. I want to record not only the things he does but the things I want him to know as he gets older, the things I wished I knew when I was growing up. I can just imagine when my son is a teenager, looking back on daily life when he was a baby almost like a portal to the past. I think that would be a most amazing thing. He will get to see how much I desperately love him and hopefully remember that when I am telling him he “can’t go out tonight,” as he yells back “I hate you!” Just kidding. I hope. :)

I have a big family too and My parents and brothers and sisters have recently moved a great distance and I won’t be able to visit as often or show them J’s latest achievements and milestones but thanks to ‘blogging’ now I can! At least as much as blogging will allow! So let’s see how far pictures, videos and words can go!

J's Mom

I don't have any pictures where I smile like a real person.


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